Whats Our Process


First and foremost, Tom wants to connect with you. Only when he fully understands your desires, goals and concerns, Tom can then begin creating a sound financial plan and defining scope of engagement.

Gather Data

           Tom determines a client’s personal and financial goals, as well as other needs and priorities,                 and accrues quantitative information and documents.

Analyze / Evaluate / Strategize

Once Tom has a complete understanding of your goals, he formulates a financial plan that puts you on the right path.

Develop / Present Plan

           After identifying and evaluating all financial planning alternative(s) comes developing the                       financial planning recommendation(s) and then the presenting the financial planning                               recommendation(s)


At this stage, your financial plan is complete and ready to be executed. You can be certain that your plan will only be implemented when both you and Tom’s team are confident that it lines up with your financial objectives.


Once your strategy is in place, Tom’s team regularly monitors its health and success to make sure it is on track. If your circumstances or goals change, Tom will be there to adjust your plan as needed.